Stripe To Xero, Multiple Products

  • 16 November 2022
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Hoping someone can help me. 


I have multiple products in stripe that need to be created as invoices in Xero, that each have different currencies and different tax rates. Am I able to program one zap to handle this? Or do I need to create one for every single product?



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6 replies

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Hi @PPapa 

Good question.

You may want to explore using the concept of a Lookup Table to make the Zap dynamic.

  1. Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table
  2. GSheets
  3. Airtable

Hi Troy,


Thank you for that, I’ll have a look into this! 

Hi Troy,


Thank you for the tip.


It seems though that when I use stripe to feed information to Formatter that it only allows me to use one invoice.

Meaning it will only work for that one product instead of being able to format it to work for 30 products.


Is there a way I can format Stripe → Formatter so that I can format many different product codes from stripe → formatter → xero?



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Let’s take a step back to how lookup tables work (whether using Formatter or something like Google Sheets or Airtable). You need to...

  1. Know how the incoming data will appear 
  2. Know how the target app needs to receive the data
  3. Have a way to “convert” or “translate” one value to the other
  4. Use Custom Value for the target app

So let’s say I have an item coming from Stripe and it’s called Zapier T-Shirt, now I need to know how my target app refers to that same thing.

In this case, here’s Xero:


The smaller text in light gray is what Xero needs to see. So the Lookup Table should be something like this:


I’ll need an entry for each possible pair, so no matter what comes through Stripe, I’ll have a match.

Then on the Xero step I use Custom and map the output of my Lookup Table:



So that’s the basic part of how to use Lookup Tables, in general. It gets a bit more complex based on the other things you mentioned, but that’s the starting point.

The nice thing about Xero is you can see all the “custom values” from within their app:


You can even export a CSV, to make it easier to import that into Google Sheets/Airtable (which is what I’d recommend since you likely have a fair number of items, and also the Lookup Table relies on an precise match, which may not work in your case.

Hope that helps!

Hi @nicksimard,


Thank you very much for your response! 


I’ve had a look at that, it just does get quite confusing as each product that comes in 

has a different code and Zapier doesn’t allow me to see all the products coming in and there’s

probably around 40 products or more that come in with a different description even if they’re the same product.


I don’t know if there’s a way that zapier can pick up the key text in a description line to them add into the lookup table as an input. 


But thank you for your advice, I’ll keep digging! 




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Hi @PPapa, just wanted to circle back and see if you were able find a solid way to pick up the key text in the description line for the lookup table?