• 4 March 2020
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Hey there... I have been working on a funnel for 16 hours straight and still can't get it to work.

I have a $1.95 trial into my Monthly Membership. They get a 14 day trial.

On step 2 of the funnel, they PICK their membership level.

Problem: On Step 2, there is NO WAY to TAG people in Infusionsoft/Keap with the Membership Level they purchased using Clickfunnels.

Which means they don't the right resources on the membership through INF/KEAP tag s ....

I tried using Zapier to connect. Still doesn't work correctly.

Tried Zap from Stripe to INF/KEAP...BUT... I can't CHOOSE the EXACT subscription based on the membership level within the Zap.

Is there a way to CHOOSE the EXACT SUBSCRIPTION Name in the Zap from stripe so that I can TAG my contact appropriately?

It is ONLY allowing me to choose a generic "customer.subscription.created". I need to be able to PICK the specific subscription since I have 5 different levels of subscription. Is this POSSIBLE?

I would be truly grateful for anyone who has an expertise in INF/KEAP, Strip, and Zapier.

Thank you so much


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2 replies

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Hi @AnnaDig33! Could you share a few more details here? The more we know the more likely we'll be able to help 😊

Which Stripe trigger are you using? And when you say that you can only pick the tag customer.subscription.created which part of the Zap are you seeing that in?


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Hi @AnnaDig33!

I wanted to check in with you on this one, since we didn't hear back after our last message. Did you still need help here or were you able to resolve things? Please let us know :)