Stripe subscription invoices - How to be notified via email if the invoice has not been paid on time

  • 4 April 2022
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I have just set up some subscription via Stripe. 

Right now my customers don’t have payment methods on file, so I need to wait for them to pay their first invoice to make it automatic.

However, I would like to be notified if they received an invoice and didn’t pay it before the deadline. I have set up another zap that removes them from membership on the external platform if subscription is cancelled, but that happens 30 days after non payment.

Is there a way to trigger an email if the invoice has not been paid on time in Zapier? Which event should I use for this?

I’m not very technical, so if there is an easy way to set it up without having to use webhooks that would be great.

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5 replies

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Hi @dariascrummastered 

Good question.


You may want to consider logging sent invoices and updating the paid invoices in an Airtable Base:

Airtable has Views

Views have Filters. (e.g. Date = Yesterday)

Views can be used to trigger Zaps.


Otherwise, you’ll likely have to explore using Stripe Webhooks to see if there is an event you can be notified about for your desired use case.

I already use Airtable and it’s definitely an awesome tool. So do you mean basically taking data from every new invoice generated since there is a New invoice event as trigger (or maybe Invoice updated?), and storing it in Airtable then using views to see if invoice is overdue?

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Yes, that’s the idea.

You can try using the Stripe New Payment trigger to see if that covers paid invoices, to then find/update the Invoice record in Airtable.



Or you can use this Stripe Webhook event: Invoice Paid


I want it for unpaid invoices though. I am trying the invoice.updated right now. We’ll see how it works

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You can use the Stripe Webhook Invoice Paid to find/update the Airtable Record, thus giving you a View of only unpaid invoices.