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Stripe Subscription Change trigger - filter for most recent cancellation

  • 4 June 2021
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Hello, I have a product with a special price if you are suscribed to a second product, so in case a customer unsuscribes from the second, I need to notify him that he needs to change the plan or otherwise his subscription will be over and he will loose all the data. So I have been checking events on Stripe when that occurs, and would be much easier if the event “customer.subscription.updated” was triggering my zap, but that doesn’t happen. Instead, there is a cancelation and a new subscription. Alright, I have argued enough with stripe about the info they send to Zapier, so I would prefer to adapt to the situation I find. So my plan was to check the cancelations once there is a new subscription. If there is no data, that’s a real new plan. If the cancellation happened in the last 10 seconds, that’s a swapped plan. But I cannot find the way to ensure that the cancellation I get is the very last cancelation that has happened. Sometimes I receive the event and when I check about the canceled plan, the date is from three months ago. So can anyone figure out how to find the last cancelation?


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Hey @Jairo!

The Stripe Cancelled Subscription trigger should trigger if a subscription is cancelled by the subscriber, or the end of the billing period is reached. More detail on triggers:

If that trigger does not include all the information you need, you could use the Find Customer search action to retrieve additional fields from Stripe.

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest opening a ticket with Zapier Support here: as they can dig into the exact data being received from your trigger with you to try make the best suggestion.


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Hey @Jairo, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in!

Were you able to get things working or can we still help here?