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Stripe - sending a welcome email to new customers

  • 3 August 2020
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I’d like to send a one-time ‘welcome message’ to new subscribers. I'm trying to figure out which 'trigger' to use as I've noticed that a 'new customer' is added (with an email) even if they don’t successfully enter their details or don’t hit ‘submit’ on the checkout screen.


  1. Which trigger do I use? :S
  2. Is there a way to send an auto-email from my Gmail, without Maillchimp etc?


Best answer by PaulKortman 12 August 2020, 00:02

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Hi there @jas - Thanks for the question! For the “New Customer” trigger, how are they creating their account if they do not hit submit? Without this trigger being fired off, I would think that you’d need another way to collect that user’s information to be created. Without the user submitting their entry, no trigger would be effective.

As for your email question, I am not aware of the limitations of Gmail but I don’t have additional advice or suggestions. I’m sorry I can’t be more help here!

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hey @steph.n, thanks for coming back to me.

So I’ve since learned from Stripe that a trigger is created *every time* a customer takes an action - i.e. they hit ‘monthly membership’ but don’t enter any details let alone hit submit (my subscribers already have a ‘free’ account with a linked email, hence the alerts I get for customers that haven’t paid).

As impressive as this is, for me it’s proving a challenge as I have no way to automate ‘paid customer signs up’ → auto-email sent (as a ‘new customer’ triggers doesn’t necessarily indicate the customer has paid).

I don’t suppose you might know another reliable trigger I can use? I’ve asked stripe this question too and am waiting to hear back.

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@jas you can add a filter after the trigger event and then play around with what you want to exclude. Stripe triggers give a bunch of information so there are loads of options to filter on. 


But I’m wondering what trigger you are using? Stripe is correct from their perspective that a webhook action is sent (thus possibly causing a Zapier Trigger) for every action a user takes in your stripe account, however you can specify which actions you want to use as triggers. Take a look here: specifically at the Triggers tab. I think something like New Customer, or New Order, or New Charge would be the right trigger event for what you are looking for. We often trigger on New Charge and use a filter step to prevent the recurring (subscription) or one-off purchases go through so we only get the new subscriptions.


And yes you can send an email through Gmail via Zapier. you can automate this. The trouble comes if you are sending more than x/minute or to more than a couple of hundred people at a time. These are Gmail's limits not Zapier’s. 

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Hey @PaulKortman, thanks a lot for your response.

Okay, so I’ve deduced that ‘New Charge’ seems to be the way to go.

We often trigger on New Charge and use a filter step to prevent the recurring (subscription) or one-off purchases go through so we only get the new subscriptions.

Do you know how I might create a filter that does this? I just want it to be sent to a customer that one-time (when they first sign-up, and not on a monthly/recurring basis).

If you have a solution, that would be a big help!

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Hey @PaulKortman and @steph.n , just following up re: Paul’s previous message.

“We often trigger on New Charge and use a filter step to prevent the recurring (subscription) or one-off purchases go through so we only get the new subscriptions.”

Do you know how I put said filter in place to prevent the recurring subscriptions?



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@jas it’s different for each stripe account, but if you want to exclude subscription payments (new and recurring) then you could use the filter like so, where it only continues if a Plan ID does not exist. 


But the challenge is this will also stop payments for new subscriptions as well. I’m not sure if that is your desired effect. -- If not you’d have to look through the Stripe data to find a field that you can filter on, there is no “recurring payment” or “Subscription renewal” field in Stripe charge output as far as I know. 


Payment Intent is the way that will give you more information but then you’d have to have a way to pull that intent or invoice and determine what it was for.  You might be able to use Payment Invoice but I don’t think from within Zapier you can look up an invoice on Stripe with just the invoce ID.