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Stripe metadata not feeding into Zapier Zap anymore

  • 19 October 2020
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Within the past week, our Zap which was designed to create a new customer and/or apply a payment received in Stripe into Quickbooks Online Advanced is no longer working.  The customer_id was being passed into the metadata within Stripe and passed to Quickbooks.  Now, that metadata, while still showing in Stripe, is no longer coming over via the Zap.

Has anyone had the same issue and, if so, how did you fix?



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Add a step to the Zap after the trigger.

Action: Stripe - Find Charge

This should return the Metadata.

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Thanks for the idea but we found out Zapier has a known bug with their new Stripe integration.  No ETA at this point. They said it “popped” up about a week ago.

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I’ve used this workaround for months now with other clients.

So rather than wait around for an unknown ETA, there’s a viable solution available.

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I would agree but even using Find - metadata is empty.

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Same issue here. Metadata is being added to the payment intents object vs. the charge object. Stripe doesn’t allow for lookups of payments intents, only lookups of charges. This is really problematic for us because we use the metadata to create records in Salesforce.


I *think* this may have something to do with using Stripe Checkout vs. Stripe Elements. We made the switch a while back, but I can’t verify because I can’t seem to add Elements back to my forms. We use Gravity Forms.


Either way, this is super problematic. I exchanged emails with Zapier support in October and was told “looks like you're being affected by an open issue with Stripe” and that “I'm afraid that I don't have an ETA on when there might be a resolution but you'll definitely be notified as soon as we hear back that it's been fixed.”


If a Zapier developer see this post, here’s the documentation on how to use the API to access payment intent data. Maybe make a quick update to allow us to get this data in Zapier?

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It turns out that you CAN use Stripe Payment Intents with Zapier using the Stripe events trigger.

Basically, use the New Event trigger for Stripe and then filter by Type for text that matches “payment_intent.success”. This will give you data for payment intents where the payment has been successful. You can then use the data in your Zap as you would normally.