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Stripe Invoice dataset problem

  • 25 January 2022
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I have a Zap set up with Stripe for New Charges.   I have it set to extract Name, Email, and Description from the Stripe dataset on a New Charge and then pass it on through to my website.  Works fine as long as the Manually entered credit card info function is used in Stripe.  If I instead choose “Send an Invoice”, then even though the payment goes through fine after they pay the invoice, the dataset received by Zapier does not contain anywhere in it the Name and Email (even though it is in the invoice).  It has the Description in the dataset but not the others.  So, then Zapier can’t pass that info along to my website to trigger the rest of the purchase.  Anyone else had this problem?  I spent an hour with Stripe and they kept fumbling the understanding and saying I had to talk to Zapier about it.  


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Hi there, @JDForbes!

Thanks for reaching out! I can see you were able to get in touch with support regarding this as well. 

I wanted to post some of Al’s reply here in case it’s helpful for others. Please let us know how this works out for you! 

It looks like this is happening because the New Invoice Item in Stripe trigger does not contain customer name or email fields so there is no data to pass through to your final action step. 

I noticed there is a different Stripe trigger that does include these fields — New Event in Stripe. Instructions for the trigger are below:

1. Select the New Event in Stripe trigger
2. Under the set up trigger menu, you can filter this trigger by Event Type. Using the Event Type dropdown menu, select Successful Invoice Payment. 
3. Once you test your trigger, you'll see there are fields for customer_name and customer_email here:

4. Remap your desired description field in your Filter action step. 
5. And then remap the customer_name and customer_email fields to the data section in your POST webhooks action step.


Thanks!  Looks like I’ve got things figured out now.  There’s a real problem within Stripe (might help to know about) which is that the “Description” fields when one is putting in a manual charge or an invoice will differ in ways that can create a problem.  I have two different courses that are being offered - MiniCourse Recovery and Comprehensive Addiction.  Even though I will only put “Comprehensive Addiciton” in all the appropriate Stripe fields on both the first payment page and then the specific Invoice item page, the metadata generated has “MiniCourse Recovery” in ONE of the Description lines. (the basic “Description”).  In the Line Description it has the right thing, the “Comprehensive Addiction” info, so that’s the one I have to choose in Zapier as the pass through.  Somehow Stripe is still migrating the words “MiniCourse Recovery” into one of the Description fields in the metadata, and I cannot figure out where it is pulling it from.  I’m manually choosing different Description.  That was sending things to the wrong course.