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Strip to Wave Integration - can't select business options

  • 3 March 2023
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Hello I’m trying to set up new stripe payments to Wave. 


The first question ask for business with a tool tip saying “Business to operate on” with nothing that populates, what are we supposed to put in these fields. I’ve been looking for a complete guide on how to set this zap up.


I connected my wave and stripe account in the previous steps so something should populate for me to select for that question and “income Category” is also showing no options found when I know at LEAST the default income categories are available in the connected wave account. What part am I missing here?


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Hi @VForce, welcome to the Community!

I did some checking and it looks like you’re running into a known bug with the Wave app where the options in the Business field aren’t populating as expected on Record Sale actions. I’ve added you to the list of affected members which will allow us to notify you an email as soon as it’s resolved.

In the meantime, there’s a workaround mentioned on the bug report you can try:

  • Add a Create Customer action to the Zap.
  • In that Create Customer action, select the relevant business from the Business field.
  • Then try loading the business options in the Business field on the Record Sale action. 

I’m not 100% sure why adding that Create Customer action then allows the Record Sale action to load the business options correctly. But I’m thinking that’ll also sort the issue with the Income Category as once the business is selected it should then be able to load the income categories. Once the Record Sale action is all set up you should then be ok to then delete the Create Customer action from the Zap.

Hope that helps. Please do let us know if that workaround allows you to finish setting up your Zap!