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Squarespace form to Gmail to Google Contacts to Add Attendees to Google Calendar Events//can't figure out the calendar step



I am trying to create a Zap that goes like this: a person fills out a form on my Squarespace site to register for an event. The form submission triggers a welcome email from me via Gmail (I have this part working), adds the information from the form as a contact in Google contact (this works, though ideally, I’d like to also assign a label automatically but don’t know how to do that if it’s possible), and finally, use the information in the form to add the attendee to an event I have created on a public calendar on my Google calendar. (Too many steps, maybe?)

I have most of it working, but am running into problems with the last calendar step. I mostly see how to do it, but when I get to the Choose Value of the Event, I don’t see the event listed. These events are monthly (the next one scheduled in a few weeks) and I want the option to add attendees to the next scheduled event. So, ideally, this zap will add attendees to the May session of this event, but the list of events I can choose from starts in July. 

How can I fix this? Ideas?

Thank you!




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Hi @llmunro ,

Thanks for reaching out! 

I see that you are working with Andy in Support on this workflow, which is great as it looks like they have been able to dive into your Zap to troubleshoot! Please let us know if you have any additional questions- always happy to help. 


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Hey @llmunro just wanted to follow-up on this thread! It looks like our support team followed up with these next steps to try: 


Paste in your event id using the Custom format. To find your event ID:

  1. Go to the event debugging URL at You'll see your Calendar.
  2. Double click to view the affected event.
  3. Select the drop down menu 'More Actions'.
  4. Click on the 'Troubleshooting Info'.
  5. Copy the text that appears right after eid= (you can exclude the comma at the end)
  6. Head back to your Google Calendar step, and for Event click the gray box, then select Custom, then paste the id in the gray box.

If you have any other issues with this, feel free to follow-up on the support ticket you have open and we can continue to help troubleshoot this there. Thanks!