Squarespace eCommerce Purchase connect Email Parser Zap to Flodesk

  • 4 August 2020
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Looking for assistance in how to Zap a Squarespace post-purchase workflow from Flodesk.

I have set-up a mailbox in email parser zap - but emails are not forwarding that come from my squarespace store to that mailbox. Instead it forwarded a contact for submission this morning instead. Odd! 

I consider myself fairly techy to figure this out, but am having no luck. If there is any work arounds besides this one, I’m open to them - I want to be able to only link 1 product in my store to this zap workflow in Flodesk, not every purchase.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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3 replies

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Hey! This just sounds like there’s something going wrong with your set-up. Can you send a screenshot so we can help you identify what might be going wrong here?

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Hey! Thanks so much for your response! 

I’ve screenshot my fwd. rule from may mac mail app, as well as the mailbox I set up in the email parser. In squarespace there is no where (that I am aware of) to “group” email just this product to email parser...I am upgrading to the advanced commerce plan though, so maybe there is a function where you can add additional emails to senders when someone purchases something?

I’ll note - the screenshot you’ll see of the mailbox in the email parser I manually fwd. that from my mac mail to see if it would work. The contact form that got sent through the following day, fwd. 9 hours after it was received in my mac. mail. I tested a purchase in my store, it never fwd. ***if this does end up working, is there a way that it doesn't take 9 hours to fwd. to the parser? 

Hopefully this explanation helps a bit :) I appreciate your help.


Mac Mail FWD. Rule.

Mailbox Parser Set-up



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Sorry we missed your reply. Did you get this sorted?