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Square’s New Order trigger is missing contact information that was previously available in the New Transaction trigger

  • 13 August 2021
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Previously I created zap with each “New Transaction in Square” → “New Donation in NationBuilder.” Recently, this stopped working, and upon investigating I get the attached error message:


undefined. Error code 410:

{“type”:“gone”,”message”,“Access to this endpoint is retired. See for more information.”}

You should try reconnecting your Square (1.2.9) account!


As I attempt to recreate the Zap, I see that “New Transaction” is no longer available from Square, only either “New Customer” or “New Order.” Upon looking at the data fields available in “New Order,” there is no identifying information about the customer anymore.


Whereas “New Transaction” provided:

  • Given Name
  • Family Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

… “New Order” only provides:

  • uid

...which isn’t helpful for our purposes.


So...question for Zapier support and/or Zapier community:

           ...but this is a little beyond me. Can anyone help explain how to do this?

  • I think I’m hoping that a new version of the “New Transaction” event/API will become available, but not sure Square is thinking this way.

Any suggestions on how to move forward in cases like this? Thanks everyone!


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Hey @BBI,

I did some digging and there’s an existing bug report open about the New Order trigger not retrieving those fields. I’ve added you as an affected user on the bug report which will help us to keep track of the impact it’s having. I don’t have an ETA on when this will be resolved but we’ll notify you by email you as soon as it is! :)

That said, does Square send you email notifications when a new order is placed that contain the missing contact information? If so, you could use Email Parser by Zapier to trigger on the email notifications instead. More on how to do that here: Trigger Zaps from new parsed emails

Hopefully that will help to get around the issue in the meantime! :) 

Any update on this @SamB ?

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Hi there, @Scotty. While this is still an active bug, I’ve gone ahead and added you to the list as an impacted user. We’ll be sure to keep you and this thread updated as soon as we know more! In the meantime, hopefully the workaround Sam posted above helps! 

Hello, I have sent is a couple requests along these lines as well.
Has there been an Update?  


I am trying to connect Square to Google Sheets, while the fields are there they do not populate in the sheets.




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Hey @Team Armando

I’ve just checked on the bug report and its recently been closed. :)

If you’re still having issues with the fields then it may be best for you to reach out to our Support Team to investigate this further. They will be better able to dig into the Zaps on your account and can re-open the bug report up if that issue is persisting. They can be reached via the Get Help form here: