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Square Payment Processing Fee Reporting Values x100 ($1.15 coming up as $115)

I have a Zap that adds income (and expenses from processing fees) from Square to Fiverr Workspace (previously And Co, similar app to Wave). The processing fee (called tenders payment processing fee in the zap options) field though is multiplied by 100. For example, a processing fee of $1.15 is written as 115 so it shows up as $115 in Fiverr. Is this fixed somehow or what can I do to remedy the situation. 


As it is now, I have to remember to go into Fiverr Workspace and edit every processing fee transaction so that it’s not off by hundreds of dollars.


Best answer by SamB 1 February 2024, 13:15

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Hi @Kar!

The Square app returns the Processing Fee field in the lowest denomination, which for USD is cents. So it looks like it’s sending over $115 when it actually means 115 cents. Of course, that’s not helpful when you’re sending the information to Fiverr, so let’s get that fixed. 

To convert the amount from dollars to cents, you need to add a Formatter by Zapier step into your Zap. For the Formatter step select the numbers option and then ‘Perform Math Operation’, that will allow you to input the cents value from Square and divide it by 100 to give you the dollar value. You can then use the output from the Formatter step in the Fiverr action. 


Of course, I know that it’s not great to you have to use an extra step in your Zap to do this, and we do have feature request asking for the dollar value to be provided for the Processing Fee field. I've added your email address as another vote for this addition. I don't have an ETA of when or if this will happen, but we will definitely email you if it does become a reality. 

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Hey folks 👋

Just popping by here to share that the team have decided not to pursue the feature request for the dollar values to be provided in the Processing Fee at this time. Really sorry for the bad news here, if anything changes on the status of that feature request, we’ll be sure to let you know right away!

But for now, the workaround Danvers suggested of using a Formatter (Numbers > Perform Math Operation) action would be the only way to handle the conversion from cents to dollars right now. 

Please reach out in Community if you have any questions or if there’s anything else we can help with in the meantime.