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Square-Mailchimp integration - Blank first name, family name and email in setup?

  • 14 January 2021
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Hi - while trying to setup a simple Square to Mailchimp Zap (for each new transaction copy first name, last name, email and product ordered to my MC audience), setting up the test trigger on the Square side, it appears a valid product purchase that is grabbed does not contain the purchasers first name, family name and email address!

Has anybody else had this issue with Square not sending this data? Seems crazy to me ..

So when I go to the Mailchimp side and attempt to map the first name, family name, and email address … it says “no data” (image below).


How could Square not record/send the buyers name and email address as part of their data stream for a transaction?

I then want to filter different products into different audiences, but can’t even get past the first step of writing name, email address and product into one audience.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Hey @ironclive,

I think something similar was described in this thread. Can you have a look if the topics discussed there can help you out?

Thanks Ennes - I did review that article, but the suggestion to “grab more sample transactions until they have the fields you want” is a bit concerning.

Although it is disrupting my ability to setup the Zap right now, I’m more concerned that transactions of this type (buying a course) will NEVER come with the person’s first name, last name and email address. That would be a complete disaster.

When I look at the test trigger, I do not see a name or email field? Is that possible? Or is it a function of it being a “test”?





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Hi @ironclive!


With the Square integration, there are sometimes differences between the information you get when testing the trigger and the information that comes through when the Zap is live. I’d advise setting up the Zap as best as you can with the information that you have, then turn on the Zap and do a test transaction to see if the Zap gets the fields that you need. 


If you continue to have trouble with the fields that you’re getting then get in touch with the Zapier Support Team who’ll do their best to help you. You can reach them using the Get Help form: