Split text not Processing variable before splitting

  • 4 April 2022
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My trigger from Glide is pushing a basic list a, b, c, d as val1. I am trying to split this list using the Zapier format action. The split text action though is reading the test data “Sample Value 1” instead of the actual data being passed in. I changed the delimiter to only a space and it shows that it is literally separating the phrase “ Sample Value 1”. What’s particularly bizarre is that my next action is to update a google sheet and that is pasting the full list a, b, c into a single cell. So the variable is successfully making it into val1 but is not being recognized. Any ideas on what’s happening here?



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2 replies

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Hi @Jcabshear!

Many times, apps will provide test data for Zaps as opposed to pulling in real data from the app, and it looks like that’s happening here. Are you able to test the Zap when it’s turned on and receiving real data as opposed to the test data that is in the Zap as you’re building it? Thanks!

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Hi @Jcabshear 

Good question.

Try testing the event in Glide, then change your trigger test data to see if you are able to pull thru the real data: