Split product quantities ordered on Woocommerce into 2 columns on Monday


I would just like to be able to split the product quantities in Woocommerce "Line Items Quantity: 2,1" into 2 different columns in Monday : 



And that it also works when I only have one product (because the last solution I tried duplicated the quantity of one product ordered to the other product even if there was only one product ordered)

I've been reading all the threads that are similar to my problem for 2 days now and have tried many different methods but nothing has happened. I am starting to despair...

Thank you for your help! :)

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Hi @Jungle Feed 

You can use a formatter step to split text at the comma into separate fields: 

Hello @GetUWired , 

Thank you for your quick answer. As I said in my message, I have already tried this solution: the problem is that it only works when I receive an order with 2 different products... 


The problem is that it only works when I receive an order with 2 different products... Indeed, when the order contains only one product reference, the quantity ordered of this product is duplicated in the 2 columns (whereas I should have either an empty field or the number 0 in the column that represents the product not ordered) 


Thank you in advance for your help 

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you should an option to split into individual fields which would result in fields like output item 1, output item 2, etc.. you would then map these fields as opposed to output item 1 & output item last. 

Hello @GetUWired , 

I have tried your solution but I can't get it to work... Could you please tell me more about the procedure? 

Thanks a lot! 

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Example with 2 inputs 

Output with just 1 item as an input. Notice the item 2 field is not present