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Solve CRM integration: Trigger - Contact Tagged as 'Lead'; Action - Attaches Activity Template in Solve.

  • 31 March 2020
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So I am trying to design this Zap that is triggered when a Contact in Solve CRM is tagged as a “Lead” and then inserts the correct Activity Template in Solve. The only Actions available with Solve CRM are Create New Contact or Create New Company. I don’t want to create a new contact each time there is a new lead.

I thought I could do this using a webhook and a POST request but that did not seem to be enough. I have been playing around with Code by Zapier being the action and using a frankencode put together using python and the information at the following link:

This is a bit outdated though so I am not sure how to modify it to fit with zapier.

Code by Zapier is a little lacking though because you cannot import certain libraries which would be needed and I am not a pro with Python enough to be able to some how piece what I need together to get this through.

I definitely feel like this is something that can be done through a Zap, but I am not sure how else to do this. Any suggestions are welcome.


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Hi @josie.c.salcedo - Thanks for writing to us! I’ve escalated this issue to support to see if there’s a workaround we may get for you, and if not, we’ll add your feature request to the wish list.

Please stay tuned!

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Hi there @josie.c.salcedo  It’s been a while but we wanted to check back on this issue. That's great that you were able to get in touch with Nivedha from Zapier Support. We think the solution mentioned would be worth sharing to the rest of the community so here it is: 

We do have a feature request already created for adding a Create Activity on Contact action so I've just upped it with your vote. This will also allow us to write back to you when this becomes ready.

Coming to using the Code step limitations of importing a library - I've shared this feedback as well!

The easiest way to go about building this on your own would be to set up your own private integration on Zapier -