Solution for Automating Exports from HubSpot?

  • 1 December 2020
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Hi there,


A team member is looking to automate exports of HubSpot deals into Google Sheets on a monthly basis.

I presently don’t see a solution for this given the existing action steps with the HubSpot app.


Reaching out to you smart Zapier kids for any ideas/advice on this!


Thanks in advance for your support!

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4 replies

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FYI: Most Zap actions are meant to be on a per record basis.

Honestly, if it’s only once a month, it’s probably not worth over engineering just to automate, and simply set a reminder to manually export from HubSpot and import to GSheets.

[ADVANCED] You’d have to use the HubSpot API via Code step or Webhooks step:

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Yeah, it was a request from a team member and I’m trying to help out.
If it were just me, I’d do it manually. It’s only four clicks and can be done in under 5 minutes, but I like helping out our team if I can!


I’ll be looking into using HubSpot’s API if required, thanks for the idea, @Troy Tessalone !

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Hi @JakeatGrantMe!

Here’s a question: is there anything you could do in real-time that would accomplish this? Like, trigger on HubSpot deals being in a certain stage then add to Google Sheets. Then when it reaches another stage (closed, for example) you could have an action to delete the spreadsheet row. Just a thought!

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Hi @nicksimard!


Thanks for your response. I thought about going this route, and it would work, though it does not afford me the simplicity I would hope for in a solution for this problem.


I am less interested in managing a second set of data (in Sheets, for example) than I am in configuring a solution for data that already exists in HubSpot. A solution like the one you’ve indicated above would be task intensive, and we already runover our allotted tasks!

Simpler than running multiple Zaps to manage the data in sheets is the monthly three-click export from HubSpot that I am trying to solve for!


Really appreciate the idea though! :smiley: