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  • 10 October 2020
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Hello Zapier Community,


I am new and was wondering if the community can chime in on some of my problem. I came from IFTTT pro and there a lot bugs there that isn’t working for me right now. So I want to create a social media chain post from my facebook pages to tumblr then to my buffer queue to my twitter. A few issue I am facing is that when I did the zap creation facebook pages is not pulling all the photo I upload. For example, I upload 4 photos but it only see one photo in the selection “Full Picture: url” which is also a issue in IFTTT but atleast it goes out and grab each photo automatically and post it in a different post. Also a problem with IFTTT that I was hoping zapier would fix where it can go and grab all the photo then post it as one post like facebook pages. Another issue under tumblr options caption it can’t separate tags from message.So essentially I get double tags. Under buffer or twitter when I chain them to tumblr, the options for text “tag” and “caption” shows no data which causing the zap to not work. I am not understanding why it doesn’t have a general option to just gather caption and tag from tumblr and use that to queue for twitter/buffer. The video/gif/image options doesn’t have anything where I can pull the photo that was posted in tumblr to twitter.


Thanks all


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Hi @sl0thw33d ,

Thanks for reaching out here! 

In this instance I recommend you reaching out to Support as they can look into your Zap and your specific mapping, which I believe is the culprit here. They can be reached here!