SMS creates a new row of a spreadsheet

  • 13 January 2021
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I’d like to initiate a text from my phone to create a new row in a spreadsheet. It would save the contents of my message in the sheet - perhaps a date/time stamp too. Any idea how to do this?


Seems like the reverse is possible (to get a SMS alert for a new row). But I’d like the zap to initiate from my SMS.

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1 reply

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Hey @julieB,

I think the more common usecase is to create a a trigger when you receive an SMS. But also what you describe is possible. However, you would need to find a tool to do that. For example this one here can help you.

However, it is hard to come up with a solution when you are really talking about your individual phone. Maybe you can CC a Twilio number everytime you send an SMS? That would for example be a workaround.