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Slack to Google Photos - Post photos to different albums named after channel name

  • 8 April 2021
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Trying to have all channels watched for new images being posted in slack. Once a new image is posted, its to be uploaded into an album in google photos. The album is to have the same name as the channel. If the album exists already, then the photo is just uploaded into that album. We create new channels for each job we have so it will need to watch all channels and not just be assigned to one. We tried, but havent been able to make it work. If it helps, I can use google drive for the same function instead of google photos, but google photos would be better.


Best answer by XRay Tech 8 April 2021, 18:02

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3 replies

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Hey @Pleasehelpme 


Great question! I believe you have two main options:

1. is to use a “Lookup Table” on Zapier, where you can put all of the 🆔 for the channels, and the 🆔s of the google photos. That way you can lookup & match each channel 🆔 from Slack with the google Photos 🆔. In my opinion, this is a short term solution, but would work in the ways that you’re asking.


Option 2 (Recommended) 

Setup an Airtable Base, and use Airtable like an Operational Database (ODb). Since Airtable uses columns with 🆔s, you have much more flexibility in the future to include not only information about slack channels & google photos, but also be able to set specific Slack reactions to also perform specific tasks, like creating tasks in your (Task Management System). 😉


For example, you could essentially use Airtable like a giant Lookup Table, but also add a bunch of other information… like each user’s Slack 🆔 - Then you could end the automation with a “Send Direct Message” Step in your zap to notify the original sender of the photo that it was properly saved in Google Photos. 

Happy Zapping! ⚡️

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@XRayTech Thank you for the reply!


I like the sound of the Airtable option. I just dont have the experience to accomplish something like that, but would be interested in hearing about costs/hiring. Would also explore using Airtable for our customer database as well

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@Pleasehelpme Of course! We’re happy to help! Customer Databases are beautiful in Airtable too! Great thinking ahead! 


If you’d like to work with us, you can fill out this brief survey. Next thing you’ll know… You’ll be scheduled with the next available technician and we can get into the details on a free 30 minute call to understand your business more 🙌