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Slack pushed message doesn't have the permalink field

  • 6 December 2021
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I read this thread as well. Problem is - when i use the trigger “New Saved Message” → In Microsoft To - Do - I can use the “Permalink” attribute.

But when I use the trigger “New Pushed Message” → - I cannot use the Permalink attribute. 

(I tried using the other thread’s suggestion of {{nodeid__message__permalink}} but it did not work either. 

Here’s my Zap:

I want to be able to do the same thing for “New Pushed Message” but the permalink is blank for that particular trigger.


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5 replies

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Hi @saiftheboss7 

Try adding another step to the Zap for Slack Find Message:


Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via a ticket to Zapier Support to be logged:

@Troy Tessalone,

Should I add it to Slack part? Did you mean something like this? Still then, in the Find Message sub step - it cannot get the permalink. (Check screenshot

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What to do?

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Hey @saiftheboss7! :)

There’s an existing feature request for the permalink field to be returned with the Push Message Slack trigger so I’ve added your vote for that. I don’t know when it will be made available but we’ll email you as soon as it is. In the meantime, that workaround Troy suggested of finding the permalink using a Find Message step should do the trick.

From the look of the screenshots it looks like you’ll want to select a field from the previous Push Message step for that Search Query field instead:

Then in the Create Task step you can select the Permalink field from the Find Message step:


Hope that helps! 

It might have worked but multi step zap is a paid feature and I don’t plan to upgrade now

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Hey friends - I wanted to pop in and mention this feature request is live! 🎉

Sample data for the “New Pushed Message” trigger now includes message_permalink, ts_time, and raw_text fields. 

Thanks for your patience on this and happy zapping! ⚡️