Slack Notification Based On ZenDesk Queues?

  • 2 March 2023
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Hello was seeing if this is possible.

I'm looking for ideally both, a way to notify Slack when both ZenDesk Talk or Chat has a queue so we can alert certain team members to hop on and assists when queues are full.

I was able to get a confirmation that the Webhook is communicating between ZenDesk & Zapier, but don’t know how to proceed further.

I was given this information from another person for the next stepsbut not sure what to do here.

You need to poll the queue via a GET webhook and then add a Zapier Filter step to check the queue's value for call_waiting (seems like the best value to query?) for your threshold.

  1. Webhook: GET /api/v2/channels/voice/stats/current_queue_activity

  2. Filter: IF call_waiting >= 50

  3. Add steps here to notify Slack

Any help would be appreciated!

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1 reply

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Hey there, @MyKo! Ooh, love this workflow!

First you’ll need to trigger your webhook with a sample and from there you’d likely need 2 filters:

and then another filter “Or” filter for the same thing where call_waiting = 50. 

^ This is all assuming there’s an endpoint for call_waiting, which I’m not 100% on. May need to double check the Zendesk API.

Give that a shot and let us know how it works!