Slack Messages to Spreadsheets

  • 13 July 2021
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Hi Team,

hopefully s/o is able to help me :)

I want to export slack messages to spreadsheet - but not every message.


We have some colleagues who share their names, working time and working progress in slack; e.g.

“John Doe

10.07.2021; check in 17:00”

“John Doe

check out 20:00

3 contracts

4 maintenance”

These are two notifications which should appear in one row like this:

date    : name       : check in : check out : con. : main

10.07. : John Doe : 17:00.    : 20:00.       : 3.    : 4


all other details should not be mentioned. Hope this makes sense as I declared this process to myself a thousands times :D




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4 replies

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Hi @GreenLog 

Where does the data originate from that is being sent to Slack? (e.g. in a form app)

Hi Troy,


The data is sent via the Slack app. Each employee sends a message via Slack from their cell phone.

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Unless you have standardized/templatized data being sent in, I think you are going to have a hard time trying to consistently parse out the desired data points from the message.

On the other hand, if a user was to fill out a form which was then sent to Slack, then the data points would be available in a standarized/templatized format to use, and would not need to be parsed from the Slack messages, rather would originate from the source app, and could be sent to the GSheet.

Hi Troy,

I’ve found a reason which made me happy. I avoided to use Zapier and built a solution “just” by using workflow-builder. After creating a form, all details will be transferred to the correct columns. 

best regards