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Slack Message to Amazon Alexa Action

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Use case, I would like to be able to have a message sent on a Slack channel and have an Alexa device (Echo dot) read it aloud. 


The reason for this is urgent messages in Slack sent to team members in a different office sometimes get missed. This would be a way to send them in a channel called “Urgent” and have them hear the message.


Most of the Zapier/Alexa resources I found discuss using Alexa as the input device so I am wondering if this is even possible?


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Hi @Shawn_L 

The Amazon Alexa Zap app integration only has 1 trigger available:


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Thank you.

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Hi @Shawn_L, hope you’re doing well. I did a bit more digging here and it seems that Amazon doesn’t allow for apps like Zapier to send data to Alexa directly without saying the “Alexa” command making this not possible yet hence the Zapier integration only has the Trigger Phrase Spoken step.  If that changes, the Zapier Alexa integration can potentially be updated to support that as well.

I hope that clarifies things!