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Slack images not posting to facebook pages.

  • 20 April 2020
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I have set up a Slack channel to post messages to facebook. The text appears in the facebook page but the image does not. I know that Slack does provide the image URL because I have used the Slack API  to access the messages in Slack and the image URL is in the message. Note: the image is also publicly shared by Slack so it is available to Facebook.

So - composite messages with text and images - or gifs, posted on a Slack channel do not appear in facebook as they do on the channel. Only text appears - no images. Is this expected behavior? If so, what is the value of having an integration that does not reflect accurately the data posted to a Slack channel? Hopefully I am doing something wrong. If not - I don’t understand the business value of the Slack-Facebook integration; or why would anyone use it or pay for it.


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3 replies

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Hi @jbrinnand ,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry you are running into an issue with these images!

To help us troubleshoot can you share a screenshot of your configuration- mainly the mapping within your Facebook step? 

Will be on the lookout for your reply!

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Hi Liz,

Here is the Facebook configuration. Note: if I do not add the link to a Slack Image, no image will appear on Facebook. Also the images posted to facebook do not fully cover the area of the Post. What this means is that any image send to a channel on Slack will not appear on my Facebook page unless I include its external link in my Zap as well. And then it appears in the Post as a thumbnail - not as a full image. The Facebook post follows my Zap.

Thanks for any help in advance,





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Hi @jbrinnand!


The Facebook Pages action ‘Create Page post’ will create a text post that you can add an image to - the image will be a thumbnail, like the one in the screenshot. 


If you want to post a photo so that it is the whole post then you need to use the action Create Page Photo


I hope that helps!