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Slack + Clickup + Zapier integration - sending notifications to specific user

  • 27 July 2022
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Hi everyone!

First of all, what have I done so far:


  1. I created a Workflow in Slack; every user's submission is being automatically send to Clickup and create a task - it works.
  2. When the task is completed, the message is being created and automatically send to the specific channel with information “HEY! YOUR REQUEST HAS BEEN COMPLETED, CHECK IT!” 

And it actually works perfectly, but I’d like to change the specific channel from the second step to the direct message to person, who had submitted that form and, actually, “created” the task in Clickup, or Bot created a task in behalf of person who’d submitted.

And there’s an option to do that, but only thing I can do is either choose a specific user from the list imported from Slack, or include user id/e-mail from Clickup, and I've checked there’s name and surname, e-mail address but when I choose it, I'm getting an error, probably it must be USER ID that’s looks like:


Any ideas how to set it?




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Hi @itramp!

For the Slack Send Direct Message action, if you want to send the message to different users you need to use the Slack User ID (that ‘U03QWERTY7’ value that you found). The best way to get this ID is to add a Slack Find User step before the Send Direct message step. You can search for a user by email or name, for example. The Find User step finds the user and will give you the Slack User ID that you need for the send message action. So your Zap would look a bit like this:

  1. Clickup - Task changes
  2. Slack - Find User by Email
  3. Slack - Send direct message

I hope that’s clear, let us know if you have any questions!

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You will need to insert a Find User by Email or Find User by name step into your zap. Essentially, you’ll use the information you have from Clickup to search for a person in Slack, when a person is found you will get back the id which can then be mapped into the send direct message action. 

I hope that helps!


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Hey, @itramp ! Wanted to see if you were able to get things working based on the suggestions above. I actually have the same find/send set up for my own Zap so I want to make sure it’s working for you!