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Skedda - make a separate Zap for each room


I am building a new system for my small business, I am currently using the Skedda booking system. 

I am stuck because of a thing which is to make a separate zap for each room. There are 5 rooms and separate lights.

I want to turn the light on/off automatically during only the room’s reservation time, but I don’t know how to set this one. I couldn't find how to trigger room 1 to connect light 1, and room 2 to connect light 2...

I am not 100% sure but I think I should use “Filter by Zapier” to make a separate Zap. Can anyone explain how I can make a zap for this trigger? 

Thank you!


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Hi @Soyoung 

Good question.

Try these Zap steps for each Room/Light.

  1. Trigger: Skedda - Booking
    1. New Internal Booking

    2. New User Booking

  2. Action: Filter
    1. Set the right side condition to a static value for each Room.
  3. Action: ???
    1. Unsure what [App] - [Event] you are trying to use.
    2. Choose the Light that goes with each Room.


Thanks for the answering. 

Could you please explain more detail about the filter section? I don’t quite not 100% understand “Set the right side condition to a static value for each room”.

There is no any option to select each room.


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Filter help article:

For whatever dynamic variable you select on the left side, you’ll want to input a static value on the right side.

For example, if you picked this variable, which is dynamic, and you only wanted the Zap to continue if the Creator First Name was “Soyoung”, then you would put a static value of Soyoung on the right side.

If the Creator First Name came thru with Joe, the Filter step would not pass.



Thanks a lot! 😀


I understand the 3 step “Only continue if...” but I have to get trigger each room but there is only “Space name: room 1, room2, room3, room4, room5”, so I cannot separate only room 1.

This is blocking me 😭


Did I miss something?

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Hi @Soyoung 

Hopping in to see if I can help.

Could you try using Formatter by Zapier to slip the text. You may check this link for more information on Formatter:

Hopefully this helps!

Hello! Thanks for answering. It is really helpful. It's slow, but I'm making it!

Now, I made Zap create a new feed on Facebook only when someone booked "Room 1". I tested it and thought it worked, but it only made a new feed only the first time. I have continuously booked Room 1, but no new feeds have been created except for the first one.

Where should I fix this?



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Hi @Soyoung 

What specific Facebook app are you using for the Zap?

Hi @Brem I used “Create Page Post in Facebook Pages”. 

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Hi @Soyoung 

Upon checking, you'll need to be a Facebook Page Admin.

Here’s a helpful article:

@Brem I am the Facebook Page Admin. I tested using Gmail with the exactly same “Filter by Zepier”, but it is the same. I got an email only when I book room 1 for the first time, and after that, I did't get an email even if room 1 was booked.



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Hey there, @Soyoung! Thanks for the context!

Hmm, I wonder if we switch the “Exactly Matches” to “contains” if that’ll give us what we need? Here’s a few other common issues with Filter that might be worth checking out.

Otherwise I might recommend turning the zap on, going through a live run, and then reviewing the Zap History to see if any errors populate that could give us more insight. If it’s an issue with Facebook Pages not completing the action, hopefully the history will have more for us to work with.

If it’s an issue with it not triggering in Skedda (as in there’s nothing showing in the zap history) here’s an article on troubleshooting when your zap isn’t firing

I hope some of this helps, keep us posted!