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Silly Question, but can't solve it!

  • 4 March 2020
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When an email arrive to Gmail - with specific subject text (i.e. "please send me the link you talked about"), I want Gmail to reply to the sender with a predefined text (i.e. "here's the link you wanted").

Sounds very simple, but every time i get this error message: "Error Message: Gmail: To send a message, it needs at least one To, Cc or Bcc address"

I use a simple Gmail zap:

When this happens …1. New Email Matching Search in Gmail

Do this …2. Reply to Email in Gmail

In the "Customize Email Matching Search" part: Search String (required), I put "in:inbox subject:please send me the link you talked about

and in the "Choose App & Event" Choose Action Event (required) part, I put: "Reply to Email (Send a reply to an email message)"

Somehow I can't get over this error message!

Please can you help?



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It sounds like you forgot to map the "To:" address field in your "Send Email" action step. Can you check?

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Thanks, @ikbelkirasan , but since it's a reply to the sender - do I need to specify "To" ?

Gmail should reply to the specific sender. Kind of "autoreply", so what address should I put in the to?

Perhaps I'm totally missing something here...

All I need is that the autoreply would be with specific content:

If the sender put X in the subject - reply with Y content.

Perhaps I have to use other zaps for it?


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OK, I got what I needed to do...

All I needed to do is to grab the "To" data from the sample.

All is working now....