shopify - woocommerce integration

  • 5 February 2021
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i am new to zapier…


can i do dropshipping from shopify with Zapier? i want import products from Shopify, sell them on woocommerce and send back orders to Shopify. can i manage this ?

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7 replies

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This seems like it could be done. Once you’ve imported your products to Woocommerce you can trigger off new orders created in Woocommerce and Create orders in Shopify. 

I’d recommend looking at the available actions and triggers between those two apps here: 

on surface it looks like it could be done, but there are some issues


  1. will it support multilang products?
  2. when i import Shopify product , i need to mark it as Shopify, then i need to enable trigger to react only if Shopify product is sold. are such tweaks possible ? is it customizable in that detail?

is it possible with pro plans ?

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I am not sure one #1. I’ve not got any direct experience with multilang products. You may run into an issue with unsupported characters when making a request to create an order in the other system. But I don’t have enough experience in the issue specifically to know for sure. 

For #2, yes, you can implement a Filter by Zapier step in between to filter out orders that are not marked as Shopify. 

but can i mark products or orders in ‘transit’ ? i need to add Shopify attribute , so that Woocommerce knows it is a Shopify product



otherwise i have to somehow use tags or SKUs for this purpose, but it is not a nice solution

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Hi @edmundspriede!

Just checking in. How are things going with your Shopify and Woocommerce integrations? Was the information provided by GetUWired helpful?