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Shopify trigger on Updated order how does it work?

  • 16 March 2021
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Looking for some help with Shopify Zaps.


Currently, we have it triggering on new orders being created. However, I’d like it to also trigger on “Updated Orders” but was hoping to get some clarity on how that works?

-What qualifies as an update to an order? Will it trigger on any changes such as added/deleted tags, changes to ‘Additional Details’ and using the Edit order function.

-I want every new order to Zap and every update to an order, does ‘updated orders’ automatically include new order creation or do I need to have these as two seperate zaps?


For some context on my setup: Order created in Shopify, then it’s Zapped to Google Sheets where I ‘process the data’ then exported to a few different end nodes like google calendar and another sheet for order picking. Currently, when a customer needs to request a change to their order, I need to update it in all of those places. I want to be able to just update within Shopify. 

I assume that when the order is updated it will create a new record, not modify the old one. So I will have to handle that within the spreadsheet to say ‘if multiple records for this order number, use most recent’. Is that the best practice or is there a way to update within Zapier itself?


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Hi @Shawn_L 

The Shopify app can be a bit tricky to work with so my advice would be this: when in doubt, test it out

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Hey @Shawn_L!

Were you able to get this workflow up and running?  

The Updated Order trigger should fire on any updates in Shopify to an existing order. If you only want certain updates to continue through the Zap, try adding a Filter step. Read more about Filters here:

You would then want a Lookup Row in Google Sheets or Find step in the other apps you need to update, to locate the existing order and make the updates. 

Hope this helps!