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  • 8 February 2022
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I have a “New Paid Order in Shopify” trigger and want to create new rows in google spreadsheets based on the vendor. I want each vendor to have its own sheet so I’m duplicating the zap per vendor.


The issue I’m having is when the vendor filter is set to “only continue if…. Vendor contains “Vendor A” the filter found it but the order has 3 different vendors so it inserts all 3 vendors instead of just the 1 vendor.


  1. is there a way to fix this filter?
  2. Perhaps there is a better way of finding vendors and creating rows in google sheets per vendor in its own sheet?


I’m on a startup package of zapier.

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3 replies

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Hi @Bryka 

Try hardcoding a static value for the Vendor for the GSheet field in the Zap.

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Thanks! I’ve never hardcoded only selected from available values. How do I do this @Troy Tessalone ?

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Simply type in the desired values to the field, like this:


Fields can be comprised of these:

  1. Static value
  2. Dynamic value (via mapped variable)
  3. Combo of static and dynamic