Ship Via Field from Website Order - to Quickbooks Online

  • 11 June 2021
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Good day everyone - 

I have been on this for about a week now and not having any luck so I thought I would throw this out there to see if any one has any ideas…


Basically, a new order comes in from our website and the customer has already chosen their preferred shipping options - either pickup or delivery.  If it is delivery, how on earth so I get the SHIP VIA field to populate with the information we are pulling in from the API (which contains the information) - to display in this field?

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5 replies

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Hey @NewellPaddleBoards!

Thanks for the question! Could you provide some screenshots of the Zap setup and what options the Ship Via field has in the dropdown?

By saying the API contains the information, do you mean the trigger sample from the website order trigger you are using has these values of Pickup or Delivery?

I’ll keep an eye out for your reply 😀


Hi @MarinaH,


From the website, we would have given the customer two options: 1 - free shipping and 2 - local pickup.  I would like to be able to throw this in to the QBO Ship Via field but I just cant find a way.

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Hi @NewellPaddleBoards!

Could you provide a screenshot of which options the Ship Via field in the QBO step has in the dropdown?

And do those two options - 1 - free shipping or 2 - local pickup; show as field values in the trigger sample? 

hi @MarinaH 


Maybe I didnt explain myself properly but there is nothing in QBO and I want to put something in that field.

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​Hi @NewellPaddleBoards

Got it, thanks for confirming - so the field is not available in the QBO action in your Zap 👍

Sounds like this is a new feature request that our Zapier Support team can best assist with for the QBO action you are using in the Zap. I'm going to pass this to the Support Team so that we can look into this further with you. We'll send you an email to get things started as quickly as possible.