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Sheets tracking email interactions

  • 10 June 2020
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I’m looking into CRM systems but actually i only really need one function - contact tracking. 

Is there a way that i can get Zapier to log the date of the last interaction from contacts in my gmail inbox? I want to be able see when my last interaction is with a client to remind me to go back and contact them. 

E.g. i’m manually updating a spreadsheet at the moment, but i want to automate this and the contact row updated each time there is a email from a certain address. 


Any help or direction would be gratefully received!



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Hi @Alexstan! Welcome to the Community!

It looks like you could do what you need with the following Zap:

  1. Gmail - New email
  2. Google Sheets - Lookup Spreadsheet Row (tick the box that will create a new row if one isn’t found)
  3. Google Sheets - Update Row

Step 2 of the Zap will either find the row of an existing contact in the sheet or, if it can’t find one, it will create a new one. 


In step 3, you can tell the Zap which row to update by choosing the option ‘Custom’ (instead of picking a row from the dropdown list). In that field, put the Row ID that step 2 found (or created) and then update the ‘date’ column with the date of the email. 


If you need any more details for this, let us know!