Setting up notifications to my drop shipper for Shopify orders and isolating a specific product

  • 17 April 2024
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I’m setting up notifications to my drop shipping company but they currently only drop ship one out of my 3 products. 

My zap trigger is New Order in Shopify and I have a condition that the product title has to include the word “journal.” 

The issue is I need to tell my drop shipper how many of that specific product was ordered. In the email I automatically send to them, I say the part number x quantity and I just can’t tell if it will do the quanity of that one product or the total quantity of products ordered (so if they order 1 sticker sheet and 1 journal will it say quantity 1 or 2?)

Let me know if anyone has dealt with this before or knows how I can have a field for quantity of one specific product.



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1 reply

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Hi @Dayrise 

Give this a try…

Add Looping (Create Loop from Line Items) to iterate thru each Order Line Item:

Add after the Filter step.

Map data from the Shopify Zap trigger step into the Looping step, then from the Looping step into the Email step.

When in doubt, test it out.

Make sure to test the different use cases. (e.g. 1 Order with multiple line items)

To test all the Loop iterations you will need to test live with the Zap ON, then check your Zap Runs: