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Setting up Integration from DevOps to Smartsheet

  • 27 March 2020
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I have trying to setup my DevOps integration to import Features as new rows in Smartsheet.  I then need another Zap to send any updates over to Smartsheet.   I don’t want the updates to go over as new rows but to make updates to existing rows.  Any ideas or help anyone can provide would be awesome!


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5 replies

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Hi @sbrelage ,

Thanks for reaching out!

To make sure I’m understanding your workflow you are looking to 1) Import features as new rows in Smartsheet 2) Send feature updates from DevOps to the same Smartsheet rows. Is that correct? 

This integration article on DevOps + Smartsheet is also a handy guide to what triggers/actions are available for each of these apps!

Look forward to hearing back from you!

You are correct.  I have features in DevOps that I want to send to Smartsheet.  The developers are updating those features within DevOps and I want to be able to send those updates to Smartsheet.  I don’t want to end up with a row in Smartsheet for each update.  

So if there are 10 Features in DevOps, I only want 10 rows in Smartsheet.  If there are 20 updates to those 10 Features, I want to still only have 10 rows in Smartsheet.  I hope that makes sense.



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Hi @sbrelage Thanks for your reply and I’m sorry that it’s taking some time to get a response to you!


It is possible to update rows in SmartSheet using Zapier, the tricky part is that it requires the Row ID and there isn’t a way to search for Rows using the SmartSheet integration. The good news is that if you only have 10 issues, then we can workaround that!

You’ll need to add a step in your Zap that tells it ‘when this is the DevOps Feature, use this Row ID’. To do that, you’ll need to add a Formatter by Zapier step in the middle of the Zap. Choose the ‘Utilities’ option and the transform ‘Lookup table’. Here’s a help guide on how to create a look up table:


You can then use the Row ID that’s found in the Lookup table step in a SmartSheet New Row Update action to update the details of the relevant row. 


Well, unfortunately I now have probably 50 issues in DevOps to send to Smartsheet.  Will this workaround still work or is it limited to a smaller # of issues?


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Hi @sbrelage You could use the Formatter Lookup table for 50 entries but it would likely get unwieldy. I’d recommend using a Google Sheet instead. 

You would have the Dev Ops feature in the first column and the Row ID from Smartsheet in the second column. Then add a Google Sheets Lookup Spreadsheet Row step into the Zap, using the Dev Ops feature as the search term.

When the step finds the relevant row, it will give you the Smartsheets Row ID which you can use in the Smartsheet step of the Zap.