Setting up different prodcuts from Clickfunnels to Thinkific

  • 9 June 2020
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i am offering on my ClickFunnels page, 4 different courses that have 4 different prices. 

I have created a Zap in Zapier to trigger on each individual ClickFunnels purchase, and set up a corresponding action in Thinkific to enroll the student into the correct course using the Formatter and the utilities 'new successful purchase', however i cannot  trigger and get the information about what courses they purchased, and based on what they purchase determine what course to enroll the student in.

I don't know how to set up the trigger from Clickfunnel and what additional filters or set up for my zap ill need to do so that i can enroll the students into the correct course. Please help !! :-(

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1 reply

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Hi @salvadorjimenez1 I can see that you’ve reached out to the Support Team about this one. 


In case someone is having a similar issue:

It was possible to find the course information in the Click Funnels trigger information. 

You can then use a Lookup table to match the name of the course with the course ID in Thinkific

You can then use the course ID as a custom value in the Thinkific step, to enrol students in the correct course.