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Setting Google Calendar event with Microsoft To Do Due Date

  • 26 January 2022
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Hello people, 

I am trying to create a zap which converts a ToDo Task to a Google Calendar Event with the Task’s Due Date (not the date of the task’s creation which is the case in the zap on the zapier website, here - the one called ‘our most popular zap’). 

The trigger is clear: new ToDo task

The action is causing errors: create a Google Calendar Detailed Event with:

        Start Date &Time: Due Date Time Date Time

        End Date & Time: Due Date Time Date Time (ideally I’d want this to be an hour later, but I’m not sure this is an option - is this what’s causing the problem?)

When I do the test, the error message is: “Required field "Start Date & Time" (start__dateTime) is missing”. When I test it myself with a task which has a due date, nothing happens. 

Is anybody able to help with this?

Many thanks,

(P.S. there was a related question about this but it didn’t seem to be answered in a way that was helpful for this and had been achieved)


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Hi @Aremde 

Please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.


Check out this help article:


Thanks Troy, 

I’ve attached a pdf file to this post with all the screenshots of the setup.

(And thanks, that article on modifiers is helpful - I added “+1h” to the end date & time, but the same error continues)

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Hey @Aremde!

It looks as though the sample you’ve pulled in from Microsoft To Do doesn’t have any value in the Due Date Time Date Time field as we’re seeing “No data” instead of an actual date and time value:

I’d recommend pulling in another testing sample from Microsoft To Do (Change the test data in your Zap trigger) so that you’re getting an actual date and time value come through in that field. Then you can add that +1h modifier to the field (make sure to leave a space between the date and the modifier or it won’t work). 

Hopefully that’ll help sort it. Please do let us know how you get on with this! :)

Many thanks for that @SamB

I’ve now been able to set up the event almost the way it should be but seem to have a timezone issue - The event is created at 1pm the previous day in my calendar. I tried to fix this with the modifiers (using “ +19h”  with space before modifier), but when I do that, the event doesn’t appear in my calendar (and doesn’t come up in a search), although the test claims that the event was successful. 

Below is the screen shot of my time entries (the only thing I changed). 

Are you able to help with this?

It finally worked. I think the issue was me not clicking on re-test (I assumed the test was restarted each time I opened the “test action” tab).

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Ah yes, you’d need to click on either the “Retest & Review” or “Retest & Continue” button in order to submit a new test.

I’m so glad you were able to get this sorted, @Aremde! And thanks so much for sharing your solution here! :)