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Setting a value value if a field is great than 0

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Hey all, I am guessing this is a pretty easy question but I am stuck.  I have a Google form with a check list.  When there is a submission in the form I have Zapier check if certain items were selected from the checklist. For that I am using Formatter and using the Find function checking if the text of the checkbox is included in the input which gives -1 if it is not and otherwise the first position of the value in the text.

So far so good.  However, I am now trying to send an email that if a certain value is included then I put a Yes for that field.

For example, lets say my form includes apples and oranges.  I check to see if either was selected and then send an email saying: “Do you want Apple: Yes/No”.  However, I cannot figure out how to check if the output of the Find is >=0 and then use that result to put a “Yes” in the email.



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Hey there,  @zapfan1! Thanks for reaching out in community - we’re excited to have you. 🙂

I wonder if we could use Paths by Zapier here? We might be able to use this to handle the comparison piece. Since we’re looking for a specific value we may need to set the rule as “only continue if  ‘greater than -2’ and ‘less than 0’ for Path A

Path B could be “only continue if ‘greater than -1’”

From there we could set a Path depending on the results to send a different email depending on the result - one sending a “Yes” email and another a “No” email. 

Do you think that could work? Let us know!

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@christina.d Thanks for the reply.  The issue is that we want to continue regardless of whether the value if >=0 or below a 0.  And since we have three possible options in the checklist we would have to create a ton of paths and then the steps after the step would need to be replicated. I thought there has to be an easy way to check if a value is >=0 and then set a variable…. any thoughts?

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Hi @zapfan1!

I think the best way to do this would be using the ‘Spreadsheet style formula’ action in Formatter by Zapier. 

You can find the Spreadsheet style formula action in Formatter under ‘Numbers’. It allows you to use the kind of formula you would use in an app like Google Sheets or Excel. In this case, we can create a formula that says if the input is 0 equal to or less than zero, output “yes” and if not, output no. The formula you’d need would be this:

 if([value]<=0, "yes", "no")

Unlike Google or excel, you don’t need to add an equals sign ahead of the formula. Where I’ve written [value] add the relevant information from Google Form. The Formatter step will then output the word yes or no, and you can add that output into the email. 

That will definitely convert a number into a yes or no value based on the number, does that line up with what you’re looking for in this case (for this Zap)?

​Let us know if you have any questions!

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@Danvers you rock! That worked

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Awesome! Happy to help 😃