Set up Zapier for daily nudges email with picture and link on the picture

  • 3 April 2024
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Hi! I want to set up daily nudges/email to a list of leads from Streak Pipeline at a specific time and highly customized.


Currently, I’m manually setting up a mail merge in Streak to do that but I’m wondering if I can do it with Zapier so I don’t have to set it up everyday? The email should look something like this:


                                                                       Product Name (Blue font and bolded)                                                                                                                   START A LESSON button/picture with link


                                                                                    Picture of the character

I want the adjust or customize the text (ie font size, font color, etc) and to schedule it certain time of the day. I also have a list of leads in a pipeline and i only want to send this to a certain stage name from Streak. Thanks for your help!

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Hi there @erin_vulpecula! 👋

Would the list of lead’s email addresses be contained within a specific box in the pipeline?

If so, I’m thinking that you could use the following trigger and actions for this:

  • Trigger: Every Day (Schedule by Zapier) - runs at a specific time each day.
  • Action: Find a Box (Streak) - looks for a specific box and returns a list of the necessary names and email addresses.
  • Action: Create a loop from text or Create a loop from line items (Looping by Zapier) - will run for each item (lead) in the list that it received from the previous Streak action.
    • Action: Send Email (Gmail) - sends out a HTML formatted email for each lead that personalised with information like their name.

You can learn more about how to schedule a Zap, use loops and HTML formatting in emails here: 

Do you think that could work for your needs here? If I've misunderstood what you're looking to do or you run into any issues in setting that up just let us know. Always happy to help further!