Set up a trigger from an Outllook New Mail

  • 1 March 2023
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I’m trying to set up the following Zap: each time I receive a new mail within my Outlook Inbox, it creates a new Lead in Pipedrive.

But I want it to have a specific Set Up Trigger, which is: I only want PIpedrive to create the lead if and when I move this mail into a certain specific folder in my Inbox.

I hope this was clear.  

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9 replies

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Hi @Gui Conde 

Good question.

You may have to look into using a Outlook Rule to forward your email.


You’d be better off using Gmail, which has a specific Zap trigger. (Label = Folder)


Hi @Troy Tessalone !


The Gmail solution is amazing but I would have to convince the whole company to switch to Google Workspace, I’m not really there yet… 😂


I’m using the following Outlook Rule:


The issue is here. We have this shared folder and my understanding would be that I could drag a mail in Outlook to this folder and it would be enough but during the testing of the action, Zapier gives somekind of message as if he is unable to find this shared inbox folder:


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Hi there @Gui Conde! 👋

Yep, that’s also my understanding of how the New Email trigger should behave. If you turn the Zap on is it able to trigger for an email that’s moved into the selected folder? Just wondering if it’s an issue with pulling a sample verses an issue in triggering for new emails when the Zap is running.

And is it just emails in the selected shared inbox folder that it’s not seeing? Or is it failing to also see emails added to other folders too?

Also, are the emails that are moved to the shared folder recent or did you receive them a few days ago? I’m wondering if there might be some sort of timeframe that they need to have been moved by into the folder by in order for them to be triggered on.

Looking forward to hearing from you on this! 

Hi @SamB !

Thanks for the prompt response!


When I turn the Zap on, I receive the error message in the image below and it switches off rigth after.

If I turn on the Zap without a specific folder inbox (so instead of having “Leads”, I leave it blank) it actually works. The issue for me with that is that I don’t want him to create a Lead in my CRM from each single mail I receive 😅 The prefered action would be to drag and drop a mail into that specific folder inbox and that action would create the Lead in the CRM.

Regarding the last question, I started without any mail in that folder inbox and then start doing other trials with mails already in that folder inbox but the issue remained (although it’s true that the mails I inserted in that inbox where recent).




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Hi @Gui Conde 

I checked our notes regarding the error message you received in Microsoft Outlook, and this could mean that the email address in the “From” field isn’t valid. Could you please confirm if the email address is valid?

We’ll keep an eye out for your response!

Hi @Brem ,


The address is my own, that I use on a daily basis, and works fine so far 😅

Should I be using a shared mail address? That is why it’s not working?

I though that just the inbox folder should be shared, not the mail address.



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Hey @Gui Conde,

I apologize for the confusion here. Using your own email address should be fine. Additionally, I did some digging into the error you’re experiencing, and it seems like users that experienced this issue in the past were only able to turn the Zap on in the evening. The server load during business hours was causing the issue.

Could you try and let me know if you can turn on the Zap on your end in the evening?

Thanks! 😊


HI @ken.a,


Just to be sure, evening is relevant to the timezone or are we talking about an evening in a specific timezone?



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Hi @Gui Conde,

I dug into our notes, and it doesn’t specifically say the time zone, so it should be ok to try turning on the Zap if it’s evening in your time zone.

Please keep us posted, thanks! 😊