Set Event Status at EventBrite as trigger not delegate status

  • 23 December 2020
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I am looking for a solution to start a process once an event at eventbrite changes the status from live to ended or passed the endtime. I can do that per delegate but than the process will start per delegate. So eg. 10 delegates will trigger the zap 10 times ….. To start it once per event would be fine enough.


Any ideas / suggestions?


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4 replies

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Hey @THzaps,

isn’t the start and end time of the event clear in advance? So you can just use the trigger “Schedule by Zapier” and put in the time of the event. And then add the a delay equivalent to the duration of the event and then you can choose any action you would like. Thus:

  • Trigger: Schedule by Zapier (With time of event)
  • Action: Delay by Zapier (With duration of event)
  • Action: {Whatever you would like to do here}

Does that help?


than I have to set and maintain the timer manually. The event as dates in a row every 2 tuesday or something and from time to time the owner will move it back or forward … a fix timer wouldn’t helb, sorry.

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Hi @THzaps!


I’d love to hear if you were able to find a solution for this workflow. If you still need some help, let us know 🙂

Hi @Danvers ,


no, sorry, to automate this process is still open… I you have an Idea I am still interested.