Sending unique codes & accounts to my customers

  • 13 January 2023
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Hi 🖐
Your help and expertise would be greatly appreciated:

I would like to send accounts credentials as well as activation keys (CD keys) to my customers automatically after their payment.

Currently I am getting payments on Discord, eBay or my website (WordPress, using WooCommerce), then send manually.
I am looking for an easy way to send those codes or accounts automatically.

On the Zapier community forums, I found those threads which seem interesting:



I’m open to any solution, not particularly Google Sheets as it might not be the safest way to store codes and accounts.

What are the requirements? For example do I need a paying Zapier plan? (Multi-step Zaps?)

How difficult would it be? I have very little knowledge in coding.

And finally, would Zapier be the solution fitting my needs the best?
I am currently looking at other solutions such as Ecwid or EasyDigitalDownloads WordPress plugins. But I might have to connect to Zapier anyway. So why not stay with WooCommerce in this case as my website is already using it.

Thank you very much :)

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3 replies

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Hey there, @gw2rewards! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community!

I’m glad you were able to find those threads as both seem like they could be options for the exact scenario you described. 🙂

As far as requirements, at a minimum, you would need the Starter plan as these will be multi-step zaps with at least one requiring Filter by Zapier. The good news is there are apps for all 3 of the platforms you use to accept payments and, except for Discord, have a trigger for “New Orders” or “New Payments”.

Are you using Stripe/Square or anything similar to accept payment on that platform? An alternative to Google Sheets could be something like Airtable.

It’s tough to say what the level of difficulty would be as much of that depends on your comfort level with learning, building, and troubleshooting! 🤗 Given some of the setup involved, personally I’d consider this to be on the moderate side but there’s some great minds in our community that would think this is a breeze. 

We do have a ton of great resources to set you up for success with Zapier though! ⚡️

I’ll also pop some resources below that may be useful:

Of course if you would rather not fuss with any of this there is always the option of hiring a Zapier Expert to take on the heavy lifting.

I hope some of this helps but keep us in the loop if any questions pop up while you’re getting started!

Thank you very much @christina.d for your great and detailed answer. I will definitely take a look.
Is there any downside using Airtable rather than Gsheets?

And yes I am using Stripe & PayPal as payment methods. Why?

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Thanks for sharing that! Since Discord doesn’t have a payment related trigger I was thinking you could use whatever app you’re using to collect payment for that platform. Since we have Stripe and Paypal apps, one or both could work in lieu of Discord. 🙂

Airtable tends to be the more popular app for many in our community, sitting somewhere between a spreadsheet and a database. That said, ultimately it comes down to your needs! Here’s a blog article I found comparing the two apps.

Here’s a few resources on getting started with each app on our platform as well: