Sending random survey participants a voucher by email

  • 31 August 2021
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Hey all,


I would like to automatically sent a prize voucher every 1st day of the month, to a random participant who completed a survey the month before.

Tools I’m using:

  • Zapier (DUH) (subscription)
  • Surveymonkey (subscription)
  • Google slides
  • Microsoft Excel

Here’s what I have and what I’m struggling with:

I’ve connected Surveymonkey to MS Excel through zapier to collect the email addresses. And in a different Zap, I was able to automatically sent an email with a voucher (based on GSlides template) attached. But for me the difficult part is to randomly select a participant every first day of the month, based on the data of the month before.

I was playing around with the scheduling trigger. But I wasn’t able to follow that one up with the right action to select a the latest participant of the previous month, let alone a random one. As you can see below. I had trigger done right. Then I used the formatter to create ‘the month before’. And there I got stuck. 

What is your advice to create a smooth flow? Thanks!

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3 replies

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Hi @Edwin 

You may have to use another Excel tab.

The idea would be use some formula in another Excel tab to randomly pull a record that matches your given criteria.

Then in the Zap you can use an action step ofExcel Find Row to get that record.

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Hey @Troy Tessalone , thanks. That’s an easy one, I’m going to give that a try!


One extra questions. Is this also possible with the formatter tool from Zapier ‘pick from list’? 

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Yes, Formatter > Utilities > Pick from List: