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Sending messages back and forth with emails though the app.

  • 3 April 2021
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Hi. I'm building an app with Glide, and I want people to get email notifications every time they get a new message. I have it set up so that when user 1 sends a message to user 2, it populates a new column in my Google sheet. When that column is updated, the message is sent to my business's gmail account. It's then sent from my Gmail account to the recipient's email account. But, when they reply to the email, it only goes back to the business's gmail account. How do I get it back to the Google sheet? Is it just one more step? It doesn't seem to be as easy as that. Is there a more efficient way where, maybe, it skips the Gmail all together? IDK. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.




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Hi @Rubel22,

You could create a zap that watches your email for the reply of the individuals (watching for a  specific subject line or email address(s)), that would then update the google sheet with the information from the email.


Alternatively, you may not need the google sheet steps, and could have the individual zap take in the initial info from the trigger and then directly go to the action.


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Thank you, but I've found a simpler solution. I figured out a way to where, when the recipient gets the email with their massage, they can respond directly to the sender's email address. I don't like the way Glide's messenger works anyway, so this is actually

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Thanks for sharing, @Rubel22 !

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Liz_Roberts, do you know how I did it? You probably do but, if you don't, I can share it.