Sending email with different pre-filled Google Form Link to different respondents

  • 31 March 2021
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I am trying to send a follow up Google form that shows questions based on a respondent's previous response. 


For example, in my 1st form, I have asked the following MCQ question: 
What role do you want to signup for?
- Teacher
- Student
- Guard

I then wish to email the respondents a 2nd follow up form that asks a different question based on the user’s selected signup choice:
- Teacher: What subject do you want to teach?
- Student: What school do you attend?
- Guard: What shift do you want? 

The 2nd form should not have a conformation question that asks about the respondent's role choice again.

Currently, I am exploring the zap that sends gmails when a new response is recorded in Google Form but the zap does not allow me to customise the email so I can send different pre-filled links to the respondents. How can I solve this problem?

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2 replies

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Hi @kq98 

Check out this article about how to prefill GForms:

What is the purpose of having multiple GForms vs 1 GForms that has Skip logic?

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Hey @kq98, hope you’re well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to get things working with the information provided by Troy or can we still help out?