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Sending data to different monday baords based on answers in one form

  • 7 July 2022
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I have one form in gravity - which has a drop down for answers

Based on the answer I need to send the form data to one Mondays board or another i.e

Answer 1 - send to board 1

Answer 2 - send to board 2

Answer 2 - send to board 3 



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 7 July 2022, 19:30

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Hi @DCPath 

Good question.

Try using separate Zaps with a Filter as Step 2:

Or you can try using Paths in 1 Zap:

Hi Troy

Ok, will do, did have a look, couldnt work it through, looked like I would have to do a path for each location/answer

I have 70 answers :) i.e location 1 through to 70

Thus possibilty of 70 Monday boards

was hoping for If - send here , unless I misreading its not there


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Not sure you want to have 70 Monday Boards.

Perhaps you should be using 1 Monday Board with a column to indicate the Location to keep things simple, then use different Monday Views with Filters to narrow down the results.

NOTE: Monday Board columns have different internal IDs, so what you are trying to do is possible, but likely very manually intensive to configure and very prone to error.




Zap Steps

  1. Trigger: Gravity Forms - Form Submission
  2. Action: Filter
    1. per Location
  3. Action: Monday - ???


The client has the set up in Mondays - always reluctant to change

We thought the same - logical to use groups in one board.

Thanks for the insights, we will take these and see what happens

The end game is to get them on one system -ie Zoho where we can make everything sync

much apprciated