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Sending Custom Instagram Lead Form Responses to Mailchimp as New Users with Custom Groups

  • 2 February 2024
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I'm working on a flow that takes a custom Instagram lead form response and adds them as a Mailchimp subscriber. 

The lead form asks for the following user information:

  • Device preference (radio buttons): iOS or Android
  • Name
  • Email

The user's device preference should be set within an existing Mailchimp group.

I've set up a trigger of New Lead in Instagram Lead Ads which goes to Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp

What works so far:
Instagram Leads are added as new subscribers

What doesn't work:
The selected device preference value doesn't get sent

The group is called Device Preference with options of iOS and Android

The Mailchimp group has an ID of 691543


Note: Using Mailchimp tags wouldn't be an option for my specific use case.


Currently, I'm able to get both groups or nothing at all. I'm trying to determine how to apply the correct preference based on what was selected (iOS or Android). I would greatly appreciate any help, including screenshots below:

Current Flow
The response from the lead form (as seen in the Instagram lead flow)
Groups options in the Mailchimp flow
Custom Groups options in the Mailchimp flow



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 2 February 2024, 03:55

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3 replies

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Hi @FD5 

Try these options:

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Hi @FD5 

Try these options:

Thank you! Paths did the trick. Including a screenshot of my flow for others in the future


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That’s awesome @FD5! Big thanks to Troy for lending a hand here!

Also, thank you for sharing your Zap setup here. This will be helpful to our other amazing Community members who might have the same question.

Happy Zapping! ⚡️