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Sending bulk emails from Google Sheet

  • 22 April 2020
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Hi Liz,

I have the same question - I created a scheduler zap to send bulk emails from a google sheet. The issue is that the returned rows (for example 3 rows with first name column values Joe, Tina, Max) will show up as a combined variable in my email. As a result my email greeting gets sent out 3 times repeating: “Hello Joe, Tina, Max” 


I want to send 3 separate emails as follows:

  1. “Hello Joe”
  2. “Hello Tina”
  3. “Hello Max”

How would we do this?


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Hi @TSA ,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay! I’ve moved your issue to a separate topic as the use case appears to be a bit different!

I see you have been working with Katie in Support; while I know you had some follow up questions for her on the below workaround I did want to post her response in an effort to assist future users who may have a similar use case. 

If we can help any further, just let us know!

To clarify a bit, Zapier isn't designed to handle bulk sends -- rather, it's meant so that each Zap will receive a single triggering event, then perform an action on that single record. There isn't a way to loop through records as you're looking for here -- I'm sorry I don't have better news for you on this!

Instead, you may want to consider using something like a Google spreadsheet with a list of emails and set up a Trigger Column on that Google spreadsheet that corresponds to a Zap with a Google Sheets trigger.

Then, every month, you'd paste in a new date through the entire column for every one of those contacts -- that would trigger the Zap, which would iterate through each of those spreadsheet rows as the new date was detected, and would allow you to personalize the emails.

Howdy Liz,

Thank you for your reply and Katie was very helpful as well.

I did have two follow-up questions on the workaround, can you please let me know about two questions below:

(1) would the limit of 10 still apply if I did this method? This the google sheet search limit on looking things up

(2) can I setup a separate zap that would override and paste new values into that column which would then trigger this zap as new data being detected? This would automate the whole process :wink: