Send VAT to a dedicated account when an invoice is payed with Qonto

  • 20 February 2023
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I want to use Zapier to have the VAT from my client’s invoice automatically send to a separate dedicated account on Qonto.

There is a blog article on Qonto that explains clearly how to do it but it doesn’t work for me.

Here’s a screenshot that show what’s the problem.

It seems that the Field is the problem but I don’t know what to put instead of 1.Side to make it work.


3 replies

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Hi @clementpinel, welcome to the Community!

Could I ask how you want the filter to work? What should it do and what information do you want it to look at?

The screenshot that you shared shows that the data in the field ‘side’ doesn’t match the filter conditions so the Zap wouldn’t continue. If you want the Zap to only continue if the ‘side’ field has ‘credit’ in it, the Filter step is working as it should. If that’s not what you need the filter to do, could you please share:

  • What Qonto trigger or action you’re using to get the information
  • A screenshot of the information that you get from that trigger/action Don’t forget to remove or obscure any personal or private information in any screenshot you share in the community (eg full name, email address, etc). 
  • More information on what you’d like the filter to do - under which conditions should it stop the Zap? 

​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your answer.

First of all I have to say it’s my first time using Zapier so I may not be completely up to date with my explanation.

I want Zapier to detect this event : Transaction Updated VAT. 

That’s what I put in Trigger event.

Then I want Zapier to treat only the credit operations so I put what you see in my first screenshot.

Here’s screenshot of the rest of the operation. Hope it helps.



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Hey @clementpinel!

Based on your screenshots, it looks like your filter is working as hoped. Yay!

But as for that error message - it sounds like whatever numerical value you’re passing through to Qonto is not in the format its expecting. Chances are it needs to be a numerical string and perhaps you’re passing through text?

Let us know what you find out. Thanks!