Send user message stored in Google Sheets via Slack DM

  • 8 October 2021
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I am trying to build an automated workflow where:

Data from an external report is manually updated in SHEETS (infrequently, 1-3x a day); (doesn’t need to be automated)

1 column includes names that need to be changed to Slack Usernames (I have a column in 1 sheet with everyone’s names. and a column with their slack usernames next to it)

Their Slack Usernames names need to be fixed to a Slack DM that goes to them, which is supposed to contain content from a cell that gets automatically concatenated from other fields on the sheet. I am not able to get Zapier to see the names in the columns which contain the names I need it to refer to, I may be putting the steps in the wrong order here.

Also, can Zapier even do this? The sheet I am using currently has all the messages all lined up individually in each row, how can I get Zapier to go 1 by 1 down the list and DM the individuals listed the message meant for them on that sheet?

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Hi @AutomatonMarshall 

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